New Homes

New Homes in Stockbridge GA

New Homes in Stockbridge Georgia are all found right here. These are some of the nicest homes to be found anywhere, and can rival with some of the nice homes right in the heart of Atlanta. Many of them are close to small lakes or ponds, and many are also very secluded. You can simply view the listings by clicking their picture below, or by following this link to Stockbridge New Homes.

The cost of a new home in Stockbridge is only $40,000 dollars more than what the cost of an old run down home in Stockbridge is right now. That’s because builders built these in hopes that they would be purchased quickly, but after the economic collapse, these homes have sat for a while and they are priced to move. Many of these homes are 5 bedroom homes with 3 or 4 bathrooms, and over 3,000 square feet. These are some of the best homes you could in a very beautiful area.

Value on new homes right now in Stockbridge is excellent, because of low prices on foreclosures and short sales, new home purchases have been neglected, making them very affordable now as well. The homes below have never been occupied, and are looking for a good buyer.
New homes are also a great purchase because you as the first owner get to make a lot of the permanent decisions about the home, such as landscaping.