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Stockbridge GA is a very beautiful green city located southwest of Atlanta.  From downtown Stockbridge to downtown Atlanta, travel time is approximately 27 minutes.  Stockbridge is a forest town that offers a feeling of seclusion while at the same time it is close enough to anything that you could be interested in.  Homes in Stockbridge are homes that have a classic style, and an American feel.  This is obvious to visitors at first glance as the city hall itself has a very colonial look which is evident in the town hall, nearby baseball fields, and beautiful fountain.

Stockbridge GeorgiaThe median cost of a home in Stockbridge is just over $100,000. Believe it or not, that is actually a higher median than many of the surrounding cities South of Atlanta. The reason being is that real estate in South Atlanta hit a large number of foreclosures recently which has plummeted home prices. Stockbridge is a considerably nicer area in the south though, so home prices have retained their value.

Stockbridge has been a city since 1920, so it is approaching it’s 100 year mark.  The area actually was settled as early as 1829, and was named after a well respected professor, Levi Stockbridge.  The city began to flourish in the early 1880′s as the railroad came through to town.  Stockbridge was incorporated as a town in 1895 and as a city August 6, 1920.

Stockbridge has a population of approximately 22,000 (according to the 2007 census).  Stockbridge also has rich diversity, with approximately 1/4 of the population is from a minority.  Many people know Stockbridge for it’s musical talent as well – rock band Collective Soul hails from Stockbridge.